Candle Coasters

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Each set has embedded gemstones within the piece to represent energies:

JADE: which will carry the energy of luck, success and protection.

ONYX: which will carry the energy of stating grounded, remaining humble and strength

AGATE: which will carry the energy of focus and clarity 

-set of 2

-5+ inches wide

-multi purpose use: drink coasters, or decorative mini trays for small jewelry.

-hand poured resin

-no two pieces are identical

** ALLOW 1-2 weeks for processing time on Pre-orders**


Choose colours from the list below and place your choices in the note to seller box.

Colours: red, pink, blue, green, purple, brown, yellow, black, white. 

NOTE: any variant of the above mentioned colours please be sure to specify, such as hot pink, teal, maroon etc. 


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