Gem bear

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Elevate your space with the irresistible allure of bodyAMMO gem bears – because who can resist a dose of good vibes? These enchanting bears are not just decorative; they're a manifestation of positive energy! Crafted with precision and passion, each bear is meticulously embedded with a trio of hand-selected crystals, meticulously chosen for their ability to radiate good luck and prosperity.

Immerse your surroundings in a cocoon of positive energy with our gem bears that not only captivate the eye but also elevate the spirit. Picture this: hand-poured resin carefully shaped into these charming bears, each infused with the power of three carefully curated crystals. It's not just decor; it's a harmonious blend of craftsmanship and cosmic energy.

Unleash the power of good juju effortlessly into your life. Let these gem bears be your daily companions, radiating positivity, and attracting prosperity. Don't just settle for a mundane space; transform it into a sanctuary of good vibes with bodyAMMO gem bears – where design meets destiny.

Dimensions are:
W: 3.7 inches
L: 3.5 inches
H: 3.2 inches  

* for colour choice please leave description in note section when purchasing*

**for embedding please specify drop off or mail-in of dried flowers in note section, you will be contacted with further instruction after purchase is complete** 



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