12 x 24 inch Canvas set of 2

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This is energy art. It is a fluid art piece which is created by 3-5 pour sessions and cured for 48-36 hours between each session. This creates a 3D textured art piece. All energy art is embedded crystal to emit high vibrations of authentic energy into your space. 

All pieces are one of one, no two pieces can be replicated. Choose 3 to 4 colours to create your one of a kind energy piece. 

Option available also to embed any keepsake flowers. 

Please indicate in note section the following:

-list of 3 to 4 colours, be specific as possible ie. sky blue or navy blue as opposed to just blue

-if embedding is wanted please submit custom request and please indicate whether flowers will be mailed in or dropped off, a follow-up email will be sent with further instructions

-crystal colour will be chosen based off of colours chosen for the piece  

-priced at $333 for the angel number for support



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