The Lucky 1's

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Embark on a journey of fortune with The Lucky 1's – contemporary charms that embody the enchantment of a rabbit's foot, redefined for the modern era. Crafted individually from hand-poured resin, each piece boasts a unique identity, adorned with a Jade gemstone known for its timeless association with prosperity and positive energies.

Beyond mere adornments, these versatile charms seamlessly integrate into your style, doubling as keychains, purse charms, or distinctive accessories for your shoes and backpack. Embrace the subtle imperfections – the delicate paint lines and chips – as they carve out the distinctive character of each piece, a testament to your exclusive connection with The Lucky 1's.

The pricing, carefully curated with cosmic resonance, adds an extra layer of significance, completing the energetic circle and infusing every piece with a touch of celestial magic. Elevate your personal style, celebrate individuality, and invite a wave of fortune into your life with The Lucky 1's – where each charm tells a story of uniqueness in the pursuit of extraordinary luck.

** please choose any colour or combination of two colours (half and half) in the note section, go wild the possibilities are endless** 

**for embedding please specify drop off or mail-in of dried flowers in note section, you will be contacted with further instruction after purchase is complete** 


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